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Resin Bound Surfaces

UV Stable Resin against Non UV Stable Resin. Although non UV Resin is a cheaper option, discolouration will occur over a short period of time and become unsightly. Resulting in the whole surface having to be removed and re-laid. Always ensure Geo Textile membrane is laid beneath the entire sub base. This acts as a ground stabilizer, prevent weed growth beneath the base and extra longevity of your area. Always pay attention to the depth of sub base being laid. Also the material being used. M.O.T Type 1/Type 3 is always advised for any base. Always check the depth of the Resin Bound surface being laid, 15mm thick is a minimum. Resin bound mix Ratio:

  • • Resin Bound Surfacing Resin 7.5kg
  • • Resin Bound Surfacing Aggregate 100kg
  • • Fine Aggregate 6.25kg
resin bound patio area
resin bound driveway & garage

Long Lasting

On a 100kg Resin bound mix always pay attention to the quantity of glue being used. In simple terms, the more glue used the strength and longevity of the surface will be greater. Some contactors will use less glue than others. This will have an impact on the cost of your surface when priced, as well as the guarantees given.

Different Applications

  • • Swimming pool surrounds
  • • Patios
  • • Pathways/Steps
  • • Driveways
  • • Carparks
  • • Children’s play areas

Minimum Maintenance:

Avoiding damage to your resin bound drive

Heavy metal objects should avoid contact. If a skip, car jack, or other heavy metal object must be used we strongly advise laying down wooden planks underneath to disperse the weight and protect the resin bound stone from hard, sharp edges. Do not drag a skip along the resin bound stone surface.

Cleaning, Sweeping and Re-sealing

Most maintenance can be avoided by regularly sweeping, every 6-12 weeks. A hard bristle brush is best. Never use a metal brush, this can scratch the stone. The driveway should be re-sealed every year.

Pressure washing

A fan-type jet should be used. Use only cold water. Always keep the jet at least 200mm from the surface. Use a sweeping motion when washing to not stress a single point for too long. Do not exceed 150 bar rating.

resin bound path

Oil, petrol and diesel stains

When oil, petrol, or diesel is spilled onto a resin bound surface it is best to deal with it right away to avoid staining. Do not expose the resin bound stone to these materials over a long period of time. They can soften the resin.

If oil or diesel is spilled apply undiluted household detergent, brush into the surface and soak for 10 minutes. Then wash with warm water and use cold water from a pressure washer to rinse.

Tyre marks

If possible only turn wheels when the vehicle is in motion to avoid tyre marks. If tyre marks do occur wash with white spirit, then detergent, and rinse with cold water from a pressure washer.

Cement Stains

If a plastic scraper proves inadequate to remove spilled cement, diluted hydrochloric acid or a proprietary cement remover can be used. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with cold water after. We advise this process only be carried out by professionals with experience using the materials. Limestone may suffer from this process. Be sure to check your resin bound stone surface’s composition and the suitability of the material you plan to use before doing this step.

Cold weather

Salt may be used to prevent freezing and defrost. It is strongly advised to rinse the drive thoroughly of all salt at the end of the season. Use a plastic shovel to remove snow to avoid damaging the stone.

Chewing gum

A freezing gun/spray and hard plastic scraper can be used to remove chewing gum.

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Available in a range of colours and finishes, our planning team can create stunning designs sympathetic to any surroundings. Call us to find out more about the benefits of resin bound surfaces and to start planning your design.

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