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Mon-Fri 8-4pm Sat 9-1pm

Resin Bound Pathways

Many people have large gardens, and water accumulates in most conventional pathways. In some cases, weeds and plants will also grow through the gaps in a brick or concrete pathway. That's why many home owners with gardens in Hertfordshire are installing resin-bound pathways. Our resin-bound materials are available in a wide range of colors, and will allow you to easily move around your garden without damaging any plants. At Perfect Resin Bound Driveways, our team will ensure that your pathway is installed to the highest possible standard and can be safely used for many years, without requiring any repairs or maintenance. Our experienced staff will install the resin-bound pathway quickly, usually within a few days time depending on the dimensions of your pathway. This ensures that your family don't have to disrupt their daily routine for long, while the resin-bound material is being installed.

resin bound pathways

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